2018 Mountain Biking Events

Saturday April 21st- Barry-Roubaix 22 Mile Gravel Road Race(Hastings, MI)
Event Info - Registration

MMBA Championship Point Series(CPS)
Best 5 races will count toward CPS points. Custom Jerseys to the top 3 in each class.
Beginner Class: about 6-10 miles of racing. Sport Class: about 15-20 miles of racing
Facebook Page for CPS 10 Race Series - Register here for CPS - No Cost

Iceman (Saturday Nov 3rd) 30 Mile MTB Race or Slush Cup - 8 Mile Race
(Traverse City, MI)
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D&D MiSCA 2018 Races Schedule

Welcome to the only mountain bike race series dedicated to kids in Michigan!
These are student-only races for Elementary, Middle, and High School-ages.
No team, no problem – students can participate as individuals.
* Varsity, Junior Varisty, and Novice (High School, grades 9-12)
* Middle School Advanced, and Novice(Middle School, grades 6-8)
* Upper Elementary (grades 4-5) and Lower Elementary (grades 3 & under)